Laravel to Digital Ocean using Server Pilot and Rocketeer

Recently I have been using Digital Ocean, they provide simple, quick, secure, and easy to setup servers which are perfect for hosting Laravel projects. They use SSD drives, take less than a minute to create, and cost as little as $5 a month, pretty nice!

I also recently discovered Server Pilot, a *really* easy way to manage your new server. With one line of code in terminal it sets up the server ready for use. It installs ngnix + Apache (yes, both at the same time), deals with security, then makes virtual hosts, ssl certificates and mysql (including security) as easy as 1 click.

Rocketeer is a deploy script, used for deploying php code simply, it integrates with Laravel nicely too.

Laravel is my MVC framework of choice, and here’s how I get it running on Digital Ocean using Server Pilot and Rocketeer.


In this post we’ll be

  1. Creating a Laravel project on your local machine
  2. Uploading that to Github or Bitbucket (I’ll be using Bitbucket)
  3. Creating a server on Digital Ocean
  4. Using Server Pilot to setup the server for our needs
  5. Logging into the server to confirm a few basics
  6. Using Rocketeer to deploy our code to the server

This guide assumes you can use git, and you have accounts with the following sites:

It also assumes you have Git, Composer, and PHP installed locally.

Right, lets get stuck in!

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