Modify git commit timestamp

Sometimes it’s useful to modify the timestamp of a git commit, like when archiving old files (I usually want the timestamp to match when the file was last modified, rather than todays date)

This can be done easily once the files have been committed, but before they are pushed

git commit --amend --date "Apr 19 19:12:01 2010"
GIT_COMMITTER_DATE="Apr 19 19:12:01 2010" git commit --amend

You can now see the updated timestamps in your git history, and can push you’re file to Github with a more appropriate timestamp.

Rocketeer on Laravel 5

Using Rocketeer to deploy code with Laravel 4.2 is nice and easy, using the standard Rocketeer library in Laravel’s composer file. Rocketeer doesn’t play so well with Laravel 5, and so we have to approach the install from a different direction.

The solution here is to use composer to install Rocketeer globally.

composer global require anahkiasen/rocketeer

Config files can then be found in the .rocketeer folder, you can also setup your environment using the ignite command

rocketeer ignite

Then, to deploy your code you can use:

rocketeer deploy



If this method doesn’t work, you can download the file manually

chmod +x rocketeer.phar
sudo mv rocketeer.phar /usr/local/bin/rocketeer